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Code examples
Contain code examples for KoolCalendar. You are welcomed to share your codes with others here.
October 4, 2016
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How to set time zone taking it from the user pc?
Anthony Amolochitis
July 8, 2017
DateTimePicker telling invalid date at client side
June 30, 2017
[Solved] Date picker
May 16, 2017
After unzip missing koolcalendar.php
March 22, 2017
KoolDateTimePicker and KoolTimePicker constructor class
February 10, 2017
KoolCalendar control's background is transparent instead of white so the form elements below are visible and the icons are missing the calendar symbol
November 30, 2016
1 instance of KoolCalendar obscures another instead of closing the previously displayed instances
Anthony Amolochitis
September 26, 2016
my date picker is cutted out by my grid rows.
Anthony Amolochitis
June 30, 2016
Trying to extend the calendar class
ADavid Wulkan
January 17, 2016
Using multiple datepickers on the same form.
ADavid Wulkan
January 17, 2016
Change the size of the calendar
Anthony Amolochitis
October 22, 2015
How change the language
October 2, 2015