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The Best [PHP Chart] you can find

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It is a powerful PHP charting and graphing control which allows you to visualize your financial, scientific, engineering, business or any kind of relevant data in a stunning data-driven graph. Equipped with very strong client-side rendering engine, KoolChart shows a remarkable performance and quality images across browsers.

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Column Chart

Use column chart when you need to compare two more more values. The bar is organized vertically. Column chart is used a lot in sale report.

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Bar chart

Similar to column chart, bar chart is also used to compare two or more values. However it is organized horizontally. Bar chart is good when you have long description for each series.

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Stacked Chart

Use a stacked column chart when you have multiple groupings and you’re interested in the proportions between values in each grouping, as well as each grouping's total.

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Line Chart

Use line graphs when you want to compare changes over the same period of time for more than one group. May be how your sales grow month after month.

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Pie Chart

Use Pie chart when you are trying to compare parts of a whole.

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Area Chart

Use area chart for multiple data series with part to whole relationships, or for individual series representing a physically countable set, or cumulative series of values.

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Scatter Chart

A scatter diagram is a tool for analyzing relationships between two variables. One variable is plotted on the horizontal axis and the other is plotted on the vertical axis. The pattern of their intersecting points can graphically show relationship patterns.

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ScatterLine Chart

A special scatter chart but added lines between points to highlight the changes betweeen scattered points.

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You can mix charts

That's awesome that you can even mix several chart types in one chart. It is good to see the whole picture.

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Handle nagative Value

KoolChart is able to handle the negative values. The base line will be moved toward center to spare space for negative direction.

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Client-side events

KoolChart is equiped with client-side event. For example, You can track when user hover a particular column then you can show them more regarding information.

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What if your users want to save charts for their later reference. You can let them do so with KoolChart. JPEG, PNG or other image types are up to their choice.

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Code Generator

KoolChart is equiped with powerful tool called Code Generator which help you to set up your first code without coding. All you need to do is to copy, paste and modify. Sound good?

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KoolChart is part of KoolPHP UI Package

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