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KoolPivotTable is the Excel-like pivot table. Given data set, the tool will give you the summarization of your data and present it in coherent table. The power of this pivot table is to allow users to alternate data dimension and to filter data as they want.

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Change View with Drag-n-Drop

To summarize data in different dimensions, you simply drag fields to column and rows or between them.

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Data Filtering

Selecting only data that make sense or you want to view has never been easy.

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Data Sorting

After grouping, you can sort data to view what is important first.

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PDF, Excel, Doc, Html Exporting

The data can be exported to different type of files and format for your later references.

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KoolPivotTable support localization which you can change your language by using XML definition file. New language can be created easily using template.

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CSS Styling

KoolPivotTable comes with many styles to suit your web theme. If it does not then you can easily make it do.

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Value Mapping

KoolPivotTable support value mapping which you can map a value to another before that value is processed by pivot. This will ease your data pre-processing task without changing your original data.

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Code Generator

KoolPivotTable is equiped with powerful tool called Code Generator which help you to create your first code easily. All you need to do is to copy, paste and modify. Sound awesome?

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KoolPivotTable is part of KoolPHP UI Package

The KoolPHP UI contains KoolPivotTable and 20 others cool products for your excellent Web 2.0 application.