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When it comes to web DataGrids, fast loading of large data combined with advanced Excel-like operations has been always a challenge. Having a solid experience in web technologies, we designed our AJAX powered PHP Grid to eliminate this tradeoff. Easy-to-use, rich client-side API, myriad of features topped with an unbeatable performance is what we call KoolGrid.

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KoolGrid support CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete). All you need to do is to supply us the relevant SQLs.

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Multi-level Hierarchy

Creating multi-level hierarchy has never been easy. Your data will be drilled down level by level.

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KoolGrid support Drag-n-Drop a specific field to group data. This feature is very useful for your users to organize your data in the way they want.

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With KoolGrid, you can sort your data by a specific column field or even by multiple columns.

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Built-in with filtering capability, KoolGrid allows your users to retrieve what they want to see. Your users can filter by a column or multi-columns which can be set by you.

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KoolGrid support scrolling large dataset. If your dataset is too large, it even supports virtual scrolling which automatically load your data part by part as you scroll.

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PDF, XLS, DOC Exporting

Exporting your data report in many kinds of files including PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word, CVS and more..

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CSS Styling

KoolGrid support many styles to suit your web themes. If it does not, you can easily tweak css style to make it do.

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KoolGrid support multi language which easily be switch with supporting XML language file.

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Input validation

KoolGrid support input validation to make sure that you get good data from your users.

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SQL Injection Proof

All data inserted into grid will be encoded before going into database so you can be sure that your database is safe.

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Ajax support & state persistence

Supported Ajax, KoolGrid can load and refresh without page post back. All state of grid will be persistent through callback and postback.

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Code generator

KoolGrid is equiped with powerful tool called Code Generator which help you to create your first code easily. All you need to do is to copy, paste and modify. Sound awesome?

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KoolGrid is part of KoolPHP UI Package

The KoolPHP UI contains KoolGrid and 20 others cool products for your excellent Web 2.0 application.