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Founded in April 2008, KoolPHP is a vendor of PHP components. We focus on building the featured-rich and easy-to-use components to help developers increase productivity and deliver highest quality applications within time and budget constraints.

Vision & Mission


We want to become a leading Vendor of PHP Components, providing industry-excellent products and support to customers.


Make quality products with newest web/mobile technology.
Deliver excellent documentation, examples and tutorials to help customers get work done instantly.
Provide fast-response and professional support services.

What our clients say

I'm very happy customer! Working with alot of thrid-party before, I have never been satisfied like this. Best components, excellent supports! - Betty Terrell, Huris Inc.

I just started dreaming about how easy webpages updating and state-saving abilities will change my ideas how to develop php web applications, just as easy as watching a sport game of my favorite team. - Ahmed Kaid

Thank you so much for your kindness and your professional support! I will recommend your products to all my web partners! - John Amende, Project Manager

You guys and your components are so cool !!! - Anna Pietrek, Developer

Meet our great team

Tuan Anh NghiemFounder and CEO

MBA at Gordon Ford College
Owner of PracticeMakesPerfect.Me

Dong Luong NguyenSoftware Architect

P.h.D at Nanyang Techological University

Vu NghiemSoftware Engineer

M.s.c at Vietnam National University

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