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KoolPHP UI 8.8 Releases

KoolPHP UI 8.8

Our team are quite pleased to present to our customers a new version of KoolPHP UI, 8.8, with a lot of new features and bug fixes. While there are many details here is a short summary of changelog of this version: KoolChart - Bug fix: pie series tooltip's data format string. Koo...

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KoolPHP UI 8.6 Releases

KoolPHP UI 8.6

We are happy to announce KoolPHP version 8.6 with the following changes: KoolGrid: - Initial support for right-to-left languages by assigning css classes "rtl" and "text-right" to multiple sections of a grid. Demo: - Add multiple column sorting orders based on columns&...

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KoolPHP UI 8.5 Releases

KoolPHP UI 8.5

KoolPHP's new version 8.5 has been released! In this release we introduce some interesting features as well as several bug fixes for the following controls: KoolGrid: - We add a property called PageOverlap for all the Pager class. This property allows users define the number of overlapping ...

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KoolPHP UI 8.4 Releases

KoolPHP UI 8.4

Another month, another KoolPHP UI's new release. We are pleased to bring you version 8.4 with the following updates: KoolChart: - Ability to export chart to some popular image formats (jpeg, png, webp): Demo: - Option for changing order of chart series separately in graph and legen...

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KoolPHP UI 8.3 Releases

KoolPHP UI 8.3

We are happy to announce a new version of KoolPHP UI with the following updates: KoolAutoComplete: - Add a loading image while retrieving items: KoolGrid: - Add GridAutoCompleteColumn to suggest items when editing: - GridFileColumn: support file upload/download for grid: KoolPivot...

Posted on July 24, 2015 Read more