KoolPHP's new version 8.5 has been released! In this release we introduce some interesting features as well as several bug fixes for the following controls:

- We add a property called PageOverlap for all the Pager class. This property allows users define the number of overlapping records between a page and its previous/next page.
Demo: http://demo.koolphp.net/Examples/KoolGrid/Paging/PrevNextAndNumericPager/index.php

$grid->MasterTable->Pager->ShowPageOverlap = true;	
$grid->MasterTable->Pager->PageOverlap = 2;
$grid->MasterTable->Pager->PageOverlapText = "Page Overlap";
$grid->MasterTable->Pager->PageOverlapOptions = "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9";

- Bug fix for saving input that includes regular expression characters.
- Bug fix for grouping (put column to group, reorder group, remove group) by refreshing.
- Bug fix for GridBoundColumn's maxlength attribute in IE11 and Edge browser.

- Setting width and height of an image and its thumbnail
Demo: http://demo.koolphp.net/Examples/KoolImageView/Appearance/Styles/index.php

$kiv->thumbnailWidth = "120px";
$kiv->thumbnailHeight = "100px";
$kiv->imageWidth = "1024px";
$kiv->imageHeight = "512px";

- Bug fix when tree view's keepState = "onpage".

- Ability to drag and drop multiple files to upload.
Demo: http://demo.koolphp.net/Examples/KoolUploader/Advances/MultiUpload/index.php

$kul->dragAndDrop = true; //or false.

- Bug fix for overflow problem in IE11.

To download the new version, please go to your client area:
We hope you'll enjoy these updates!