Hanoi Dec 6th,2016 - We would like to introduce a new product of our called Wolverine - The Project Management And Invoice System. It is a great assistant for freelancer or small team to manage their clients, projects, invoices, payments and expenses. All-in-one place! It will free your mind from redundant and less important works and give you and your team more time to focus on what really matters, your professional works.

The first version supports:
  1. Clients and Contacts
  2. Projects and tasks management
  3. Invoice management
  4. Estimate management
  5. Record payments
  6. Keep track of expense
  7. Staff management

For more details, please visit the Wolverine introduction page.

The demo are located at http://wolverine.koolphp.net

Thank you very much and please support us either by placing your order or giving us your comment. We are hungry for ideas to make application better.

KoolPHP Inc