Hanoi Jul 23, 2015 - KoolPHP team is happy to announce that we have a new face which looks better and cooler. With the new website, followings are some changes:

  1. We move from email-based customer support to web-based support ticket system. This will help us to track the response time and make sure it complies with our SLA.
  2. The old and poor forum which is always full of spams will be replaced with a cooler one. We still keep the old forum at http://forum.koolphp.net but it is only for the purpose of archiving old posts. The new post will be hosted in new forum at http://www.koolphp.net/forum. The sweetest thing is that forum system and license system are sharing the same login.
  3. We change the name of KoolPHPSuite to KoolPHP UI. In the future, we will have more products for PHP other than just UI components. That's cool!
  4. Your login from old website will be maintained in new website so you do not need to worry.

We believe that with above changes, we are moving in the right track to serve you better.
KoolPHP Inc