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KoolPHP UI is a group of User Interface controls to build excellent PHP application.
Easy-to-use, Stunning look and Myriad of features topped with Unbeatable performance is what makes KoolPHP UI a great choice.

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Fast, so fast

Both server-side PHP and client-side Javascript are optimized to maximize controls speed.

Suported by developer

The cool thing is that the supporter that support you is the author of control. So he know exactly what can be done and how it can be done. Feeling free to give him suggestion to improve the control in the way you think is best.

Easy to start

Our products are back with a lot of examples in the suite. Those examples are not only to demonstrate the product features but also can be copied and used in your code.

Easy CSS Styling

You can just copy our existed css files and start modifying the color to fit seamlessly to your website's theme.

Available source-code

Understand that everything is not perfect, so we provide the source code with professional license in order to let you have full control. With source-code you can learn or tweak the code to completely fit your need.

Fast release

We apply the Lean Manufatoring method in to our software production in which we release fast with small increment. This method helps us to response fast to bugs and new suggested features.

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KoolPHP UI 8.8

Our team are quite pleased to present to our customers a new version of KoolPHP UI, 8.8, with a lot of new features and bug fixes. While there are many details ...

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How to install and use our suite

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All resources that you need along the way with KoolPHP UI

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