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Suggested KoolComboBox Validation

Anthony Amolochitis
In the additem method for the KoolComboBox, you may add a data array to it.
Adding the check after checking if the data is set would eliminate errors generated in the loop if it were not an array.
function addItem($_text="",$_value="",$_data=array(),$_selected=false,$_enabled=true)
		$_item = new KoolComboboxItem();
		$_item->enabled = (isset($_enabled))?$_enabled:false;
		$_item->selected = (isset($_selected))?$_selected:false;
		if($_text!="") $_item->data["text"] = $_text;
		$_item->data["value"] = $_value;
		if (isset($_data)&& is_array($_data) )  // check if $_data is an array Anthony
			foreach($_data as $_k=>$_v)
				$_item->data[$_k] = $_v;	
		return $_item;
Posted Dec 16, 2015 Kool -