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Get started with KoolGrid

Assume you have a customers table in your database called mydata
Here is the code to get started with KoolGrid:
	//Step 1: Register KoolGrid component to your page
	require "KoolControls/KoolGrid/koolgrid.php";
	require "KoolControls/KoolAjax/koolajax.php";
	$koolajax->scriptFolder = "KoolControls/KoolAjax";
	//Step 2: Create datasource
	$db_con = mysql_connect('localhost','root','root');
	$ds = new MySQLDataSource($db_con);
	$ds->SelectCommand = "select customerNumber,customerName,phone,city from customers";
	//Step 3: Init KoolGrid and settings
	$grid = new KoolGrid("grid");
	$grid->scriptFolder = "KoolControls/KoolGrid";
	$grid->DataSource = $ds;
	$grid->AjaxEnabled = true;
	$grid->Width = "655px";
	$grid->AllowInserting = true;
	$grid->AllowSorting = true;
	$grid->AutoGenerateColumns = true;
	$grid->MasterTable->Pager = new GridPrevNextAndNumericPager();
	//Step 4: Process Grid
        <?php echo $koolajax->Render();?>
        <form id="form1" method="post">
            <!-- Step 5: Get KoolGrid render -->
            <?php echo $grid->Render();?>
Posted Dec 3, 2015 Kool -
Greetings Mr.Peter,
I am using Koolphp 8.9 and deployed KoolGrid on Prod which doesn't seem have performance as in local env.Yes,have used column filters as well.Are there recommended settings for KoolGrid which improves performance?
Posted May 6 Kool