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grid.refresh() / grid.submit() after files got uploades and handled?

Hi there. i have my file oploader and it works perfect, the thing is that i need to refresh submit a grid after the files have been uploaded and hanlded by the handler page.
the files i upload inject some data to my DB, and the grid is a log of the issues that my occour while injectin the data.
i hae seen ther is a property called uploadedFiles
as it explains:
Get the information of uploaded files. After having done with upload files at client-side, the page is submitted back. The information of all uloaded files will be posted back as well. When KoolUploader object initiates, Those information will be extracted and saved into uploadedFiles property.

the thing is that cant find when is my page posted back so i can reload refesh submit my grid to retrieve the data from the log...
this is my main fileoploader page:
Spoiler content

this is my handler page:
Spoiler content

here is the form online.. it myght let you understand what i need.
Posted Oct 13, 2015 , edited Oct 13, 2015 Kool
After a nap, the Holly coder came to me and revealed the answer in dreams..
just add this to the page..
	setTimeout(refresh, 100);
	function setTimeoutNow(){
		setTimeout(refresh, 100);
	function refresh(){
		document.getElementById('kul.btn.uploadall').addEventListener('click', setTimeoutNow);

and its done. the grid will refresh ones the KoolUploader fisnish his own treaths...
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Posted Oct 14, 2015 Kool