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Performance issue

I'm having some performance issues with KoolPHP Pivot tables. Here is the scenario:
  • I have a MySQL table with ~70.000 items
  • For columns in the pivot table I'm using only one column (this column is indexed; cardinality 12)
  • For rows in the pivot table I am using 5 columns from the given table (all columns are indexed; cardinalities are from 8 to 800)

The initial load takes around 1-3sec, when I expand an item the AJAX request takes around 6sec to load, when I expand further the next one takes around 15sec etc . . . These load times seem awfully long . . . any ideas why this might be taking so long? . . or any suggestions on how I can optimize this?
Posted Oct 12, 2015 Kool
Hi Marko,
70,000 items and 15sec loading time is totally not acceptable. Could you please let us know the version of pivot table that you use? Please make sure that you use the latest version.
We have test with data table with 500k and it seems fine but there must be thing we have not fully handle and we eager to find out.
If it does not bother you so much, please create a page for us to experience the issue. Hope that the data is not too sensitive and we promise we only look for problem of pivot table. Please send the page and detail to
Posted Oct 13, 2015 , edited Oct 13, 2015 Kool