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Grid based on join of two tables will not display in order based on ORDER BY clause

I have a grid that is ignoring the order by clause used in the select query. The sort order does work when I build a grid on a SQL query for 1 table that has an order by. When I use a select based on two tables, the order by clause is ignored.
I have the following query based on 2 tables that is used in a grid:
select websites.state,, results_report.site_id, results_report.org_or_key, results_report.rfp_code,
results_report.rfp_title, results_report.pull_date, results_report.closing_date, results_report.rfp_folder
from results_report, websites
WHERE results_report.site_id = websites.site_id and websites.complete
and closing_date > date(now())
order by results_report.pull_date desc
This query displays correctly in descending date order in PHPMyAdmin. When I attach it to a grid, the rows appear in physical order, which is ascending. The same thing happens with other queries based on 2 tables.
Posted Aug 24, 2019 , edited Aug 24, 2019 Kool
Support recommended using $column->Sort = -1;. This solved it.
Posted Aug 26, 2019 Kool