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KoolPHP of the Future

Anthony Amolochitis
Things I'd like to see KoolPHP come out with next.
When I reference "skins" or "skin", I am talking about the appearance styles.
1.. One important thing missing in KoolPHP is new skins. I'd like to see KoolPHP come out with new skins for all of its components. Keeping the old skins are fine, but they need new skins/appearance styles that are modern and clean.
- An improved KoolMenu look is really needed. The functionality is there, but some new skins here are very much needed and would probably help generate much more customer base.
- All components should have a matching skins.
2. New samples with more detailed javascript examples.
3. Koolgrid is almost perfect. More examples on customizing your Koolgrid are needed. I figured it out and it is super awesome. It is extremely flexible and 99% perfect. Rarely have I found flaws. Those that are found, I reported and the great people at KoolPHP quickly applied the fix for the next update.
4. What is Kool UI Control for? Is it just for barcode generation? Please specify that on the site, or show other examples of how it can be used. I want to use it, but I don't need to generate barcodes at the moment.
5. KoolForm may need a rethink. The idea is great but I think it may be too complicated to create a KoolForm().
- Maybe something more like your KoolGrid would be better.
$formStyle = new KoolStyle();
$formStyle->border = '1px solid grey' ;
$formStyle->radius = '4px';
$form = new KoolForm('FormName' , $formStyle );
$styleParams = new KoolStyle();
$styleParams->font = '12pt';
$styleParams->border = '1px solid grey' ;
$form->add( new InputBox('Name' , 'nameField' , $styleParams ) );
$form->add( new InputBox('Email', 'emailField', $styleParams ) );
echo $form->Render();

Well I hope I get a good response for this first go at what I am hoping for.
Posted May 1, 2018 Kool
Hi Anthony,
Thank you for your suggestion!
Ideas 1 and 2 are great and could be done.
Regarding 4, we did intend to introduce new classes of client-based (read: javascript) KoolUI controls although at the moment they only include the barcodes.
For KoolForm, we will analyse your code and think if it can be integrated. Much Thanks!
Posted May 2, 2018 Kool
Anthony Amolochitis
That sounds great David! I'm glad to hear the news :)
Would you mind viewing the examples on the KoolForm page?
They were looking a bit strange.
I think your site update may have garbled them.
Posted May 2, 2018 Kool