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Overlay a line graph over a bar graph

I am looking to set a 'benchmark' line on a current bargraph I have working.
Is there a function for that?
I tried to do this by overlaying a line series over a column chart, but it didn't work. The website states that we are able to do mixed charts types in one (a line graph mixed with a column). However, the example code is not helpful. Can anyone provide some guidance. I want a mixed chart where I can add a line series to a column chart.
Update: Now it works. Here is a full code example if anyone has difficulties.
$chart1 = new KoolChart("chart1");
$chart1->Transitions = false;
$chart1->Width = 900;
$chart1->BarGapRatio = 0.0;
$chart1->Title->Text = "activity Time per Day";
$chart1->PlotArea->XAxis->Title = "Day";
chart1->PlotArea->XAxis->MinorStep = 0;
$chart1->PlotArea->YAxis->Title = "Hours";
$chart1->PlotArea->YAxis->LabelsAppearance->DataFormatString = "{0}";
$series = new ColumnSeries(); //total
$series->Name = "Operating Hrs";
$series->Appearance->BackgroundColor = "blue";
$series2 = new ColumnSeries(); //total
$series2->Name = "Production Hrs";
$series2->Appearance->BackgroundColor = "orange";
$series3 = new ColumnSeries(); //total
$series3->Name = "Est. Non-Production Hrs";
$series3->Appearance->BackgroundColor = "red";
$series4 = new LineSeries();
Where I am creating the arrays for the first 3 series pragmatically. If anyone knows of a better way to create a benchmark line, please let me know. this is not very elegant. (still having problems getting the two graphs to work correctly, but at least they are working.) Thanks.
Posted Feb 10, 2018 , edited Feb 10, 2018 Kool -
Anthony Amolochitis
I believe you can add a line series on top of that.
Just calculate the benchmark and overlay it.
Posted Feb 12, 2018 Kool