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Format Decimal place in KoolGrid

Sorry if this has already been answered but I simply could not find it.
I have a KoolGrid which gets integers from the database. I would like to use GridBoundColumn but whatever works is fine. My integers in the database will always have 2 decimal places assumed. For example 1500 is 15.00 and 475 is 4.75.
When I try GridNumberColumn, it is always adding 2 decimal places behind my integers. For example 1500 becomes 1500.00. 475 becomes 475.00.
Is there some format option that will allow me to place the decimal where I want it? Thanks much!
Posted Jan 9 Kool
Hi Brian,
Please use the following command to remove the decimal places:
$col = new GridNumberColumn();
$col->DecimalNumber = 0;

For more option please refer to this documentation:
Please let us know if you need any help via forum, the ticket system on our website or email. Thanks!
Posted 7 days ago Kool
Hi David,
Thanks for responding.
I don't want to remove the decimal, I want to be able to use the decimal.
For example I have an integer in the database that's 1900. I need to display that integer as 19.00 in the GridNumberColumn.
When I use $col->DecimalNumber = 2, it formats my 1900 as 1900.00. It always attaches 2 decimals to the end of my integers.
Is there another way to do this?
Posted 6 days ago Kool
Anthony Amolochitis
You could use the grid event handler to customize behavior that way. I use the grid event handlers all of the time and they work great. You can do just about anything with your data using them.
I added a link for you for a basic structure on one, but you need to add the event for loading the row.
What you are trying to format seems to be a non standard and the way of storing a float number as an integer seems a bit odd to me. I'm sure there is a reason for it though. I do not believe the grid column will add that decimal to the integer since the integer is not a float number to be formatted. I could be wrong though. Maybe the developers will look into this as well.
Hope this helps.
Posted 5 days ago Kool