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Release of KoolReport version 1.15.4

Hi folks,
I would like to keep you update with the progress of KoolReport, the reporting framework for php. This is our first open-source projects.
Since the first release on April 3rd, we have release another 2 versions. The latest is 1.15.4 and totally we have made 15 enhancements and 4 bug fixes since the first version - details .
Also we have released 3 packages which are
  1. Cube: Help to turn your data into two dimensions cross-tab table. - details
  2. Pivot: Help to explore relation and aggregated result among more than one pair of column fields. - details
  3. Export: Export your report to PDF, JPG, PNG and other formats. - details

The application of Export package does not stop at exporting report to PDF but you can use it to convert any HTML content with CSS and Javascript included to PDF. So if you need and easy and fast solution for creating PDF invoice, documentation .etc, please give it a try.
Posted May 23, 2017 , edited May 23, 2017 Kool -
We have released version 1.65.2 which contains many features since then.
Posted Oct 20, 2017 , edited Oct 20, 2017 Kool