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OnItemClick event for bargraphs not working

Looking to purchase...I like the simplicity, but I am concerned about the lack of documentation. I am primarily looking at koolchart. So far when I try to use the onclick function for the bar graph, it seems to work ok. But when I try to use it for a linegraph I get an error :
koolchart.php?32981a1…:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Items' of undefined
at A.<anonymous> (koolchart.php?32981a1…:1)
at SVGRectElement.e (koolchart.php?32981a1…:1)
Unfortunately, other than offering to send me to the graph generator, there is no documentation on this. Is the OnItemClick event disabled for line-graphs?
Thanks. I"ll continue playing around with this and hope to purchase it. It is definitely, impressive.
Posted May 22, 2017 , edited May 23, 2017 Kool
Could you please put some code so that I can replicate the issue.
Posted May 23, 2017 Kool