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Header not align

I don't know why the header is not align with the values, my code:
$pivot->Width = "1400px";
$pivot->HorizontalScrolling = true;
//Set the Height of pivot and use Vertical Scrolling
$pivot->Height = "750px";
$pivot->VerticalScrolling = true;
//Allow filtering
$pivot->AllowFiltering = true;
//Allow sorting
$pivot->AllowSorting = true;
//Allow reordering
$pivot->AllowReorder = true;

//Make the RowHeader wider.
$pivot->Appearance->RowHeaderMinWidth = "200px";
//Use the Prev and Next Numneric Pager
$pivot->Pager = new PivotPrevNextAndNumericPager();
$pivot->Pager->PageSize = 20;
//Turn on caching to help pivot working faster.
$pivot->AllowCaching = true;

$pivot->CssClasses = array(
'data cell' => 'text-right',
// 'field' => 'rtl',
// 'column header' => 'text-right',
// 'row header' => 'rtl',
// 'filter panel' => 'rtl'

//Data Field
$field = new PivotCountField("system_code");
$field->Text = "SYS CODE";
$field->AllowFiltering = false;
$field->AllowReorder = false;
//Row Fields
$field = new PivotField("system_code");
$field->Text = "CODE";
$field = new PivotField("description");
$field->Text = "NATURE";

$field = new PivotField("location");
$field->Text = "LOCATION";

//Column Fields
$field = new PivotField("year");
$field->Text = "Year";
$field = new PivotField("month");
$field->Text = "Month";

$field = new PivotField("system_code_type");
$field->Text = "C.TYPE";

$field = new PivotField("component");
$field->Text = "COMP.";

$field = new PivotField("engine_log_type");
$field->Text = "TYPE";


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" charset="UTF-8" />
<style>span.kptDesc{font-style: normal !important;}</style>
<div style='margin:11px 5px 5px 10px;'>
echo $koolajax->Render();
echo $pivot->Render();
how to fix it? thanks a lot!
Posted Apr 5, 2017 Kool