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upoalding a 10mb file never ends.... ??

yup just like that, im trying to upload a 10mb file to my localhost(xampp) and the file never apears in the upload folder..
ofcourse i have set:
upload_max_filesize=20M in the php.ini
$kul->maxFileSize = 1024*1024*20; //20M.
my uploader is set to a handle page but that never occurs as the file is never uploaded...
what could be the problem??
the file i need to upload is a xlsx wixh i will take care of it wit phpexcel later..
*i have no problems with 800kb files 1mb files...
Posted Jun 30, 2016 Kool
Found my problem:
i have to change post_max_size too in order to this kooluploader works.
Posted Jul 5, 2016 Kool