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Checkboxes autoselect children

I would like to display a tree with checkboxes for each note. I would like that if I click a checkbox for a node that is not a leaf node, then all its children and all of their descendants automatically get checked. This is what seems to happen in the checkbox sample. All is good so far. When I check the checkbox again, I would like all descendants to be unchecked. Also good so far. When I click the checkbox a third time, I would like the selection of all the descendants to return to what they were before I clicked the box the first time. In the situation where some descendants are checked and some are not, I would like the checkbox to show a grey colour. So to recap, on clicking a checkbox that is currently grey (i.e. some of its descendants are checked and some are not) I would like there to be three states:
  1. All checked
  2. All not checked
  3. As they were at the beginning, and the checkbox shows grey

Can I do this with KoolTreeView?
If so, how?
If not, could this feature be added?
Can I do this myself?
Can you do it for me?
The justification for this feature is that if I have a tree with thousands of nodes, and if I have spent a long time getting them checked or not checked as I wish, that if I click a node that has many descendants, with the existing solution, I have lost the original stats of all these checkboxes, and there is no way to get them back. My original click may be been a mistake, or I may have been experimenting to learn the features of the UI. My method provides a way of getting back to the original status of the checkboxes. Also with the existing solution, with a collapsed tree, there is no way to see whether some of the hidden nodes are checked or not. With my method, a white checkbox means none of the descendant nodes are checked, and checked checkbox means all of the descendant nodes are checked, and a grey one means some but not all are checked.
Thanks - Rowan
Posted Mar 28, 2016 Kool
I have the same problem
i resolve the problem
Posted Apr 6, 2019 , edited Apr 10, 2019 Kool