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How to install?

I've just downloaded TreeView Trial, but it's not obvious to me how to install it on my website. Is there a document explaining how to do this? Or can someone explain it to me please?
Thanks - Rowan
Posted Mar 22, 2016 Kool -
You just copy the folder KoolControl into your website and start require the library:
    //Step 1: Register KoolTreeView component to your page
    require "KoolControl/KoolTreeView/kooltreeview.php";
    //Step 2: Create treeview object.
    $kTree = new KoolTreeView("kTree");
    //Step 3: Set properties for tree
    $kTree->styleFolder = "KoolControl/KoolTreeView/styles/default";
    $kTree->imageFolder = "KoolControl/KoolTreeView/icons";
    $kTree->selectEnable = true;
    //Step 4: Building tree
    $kTree->getRootNode()->text = "I am root node";
    $kTree->Add("root","node1","First node");
    $kTree->Add("root","node2","Second node");
        <!-- Step 5: Render tree -->
        <?php echo $kTree->Render();?>
Posted Mar 22, 2016 Kool -