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Autocomplete Column with Link

Gerd Huber
is it possible, to have a Link in a Autocomplete Column and what is to do ?
$col = new GridAutoCompleteColumn();
$col->AllowFiltering = true;
#- Filter initialisieren
$col->Filter = array("Value"=>"".$filter_jahr."","Exp"=>"starts");
$col->Width = "170px";
$col->HeaderText = "HHC-Suggest";
$col->DataField = "customerName";
$col->HiddenDataField = 'customerNumber';
$col->serviceFunction = 'service';
$col->itemTemplate = "{text}";
$col->saveTemplate = "{customerNumber}";
$col->defaultSave = "0";
$col->KoolAutoCompleteFolder = $KoolControlsFolder . "/KoolAutoComplete";
$col->ClientEvents['OnChange'] = 'Handle_OnChange';
$col->ClientEvents['OnOpen'] = 'Handle_OnOpen';
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my full version is but why cannot connect to database in version 7 and above?
Posted Nov 22, 2023 Kool